Transactions on resale of goods are carried out by the trade intermediary in its own name and at its own expense, i.e. the trade intermediary itself acts as a party to the contract with both the exporter and the end buyer, and becomes the owner of the goods after payment.

Transactions on resale of goods are of two types.
In operations of the first kind, the trade intermediary in relation to the exporter acts as the buyer, purchasing goods on the basis of the contract of sale. He becomes the owner of goods and can sell them at his discretion on any market and at any price. Once the parties have fulfilled their obligations under the contract of sale, the relationship between the exporter and the reseller ceases. Such intermediaries are called dealers.
What is included in the service package?
The main activities that our company can perform as part of trade and intermediary operations
  • 1
    Sales operations
    Finding counterparties, concluding transactions on behalf of the seller, providing guarantees of payment by the buyer, advertising campaigns and market research
  • 2
    Forwarding operations
    Freight transportation and insurance operations
  • 3
    Financing of trade operations
    Set of banking products and services to service contracts for the organization of settlements, financing of operations and control over cash and commodity flows by the servicing bank
  • 4
    Collecting and providing information about markets
    Interviews with customers, suppliers, intermediaries, colleagues, collection of data from special publications and periodicals, information on the state of " adjacent" and "related" markets
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